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West Virginia University

The Jackson Group

Forensic and Biological Mass Spectrometry

Jackson Portrait 2016 large
Glen P. Jackson
Co-Editor-in-Chief Forensic Chemistry
Ming Hsieh (Shay) Distinguished Professor
Forensic and Investigative Science &
C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry
West Virginia University
308 Oglebay Hall
Morgantown, WV 26506-6121
t: 304-293-9236
e: glen.jackson[at]
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    Zach in the lab, Nov 2016

  • _DSC5376

    Ashley in the lab, Nov 2016

  • _DSC5410

    Jackson Group, Nov 2016

  • 2

    Jackson Research Group. November 2014 (where's Waldo's skeleton?)

  • 03 2015 evidence tape and hair

    Trace evidence (hair). Feb 2015

  • 04 2015 Oglebay Hall

    Lovely, historic, Oglebay Hall. March 2015

  • 05 2015 Bo with Velos Pro

    Bo on the Thermo Velos Pro. March 2015

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    Part of the exhibit and the 2010 Science and Engineering EXPO in Washington, DC.

  • 07 2015 Mayara on IRMS INTERFACE

    Mayara on the Thermo Delta V Advantage (IRMS). March 2015

  • 08-2015 Billy in lab

    Billy in lab. March 2015

  • Mass_filter_chip

    Chip-based Loeb-Eiber mass filter

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    Jackson group at Yan's graduation party. May 2013

  • IMG_2434.JPG

    Chip-based Loeb-Eiber mass filter

  • 12 2015 Bo in lab zoom

    Bo in Lab. March 2015

  • 14 2015 Mayara on IRMS

    Mayara on the Thermo Delta V Advantage (IRMS). March 2015

  • 15 2015 Pengfei and Bo in lab

    Pengfei and Bo in the lab. March 2015

  • 17 2015 Billy with Loeb Eiber MS

    Billy with Loeb-Eiber MS chamber. March 2015

  • 19 Katyana

    Kateryna on the IRMS. Feb 2013

  • 20 2015 Loeb Eiber Chamber

    Vacuum chamber for Loeb-Eiber/Quadrupole MS. March 2015

  • 21 IMG_3020

    Chip-based Loeb-Eiber mass filter assembly

  • 23 2015 Pengfei on Bruker amaZon

    Pengfei running MAD on Bruker amaZon. March 2015

  • 25 IMG_3057

    Jackson Group. Feb 2013

  • Jackson Group Feb 2016

    Iris's Farewell Lunch, Feb 2016

  • Undergrad Glen Jackson Smiling copy


Our long-term goal is to catalyze the progress of biomedical, analytical and forensic research through the development of mass spectrometric instrumentation. We currently have several major projects under way: 1) developing a new type of mass filter for operation at relatively high pressures (~1 Torr); 2) developing new ways of fragmenting gas-phase bio-ions using metastable atoms or kiloelectronvolt helium ions; 3) developing new forensic and clinical applications of isotope ratio mass spectrometry; 4) developing other applications of forensic mass spectrometry, such as the analysis of cannabinoids, ignitable liquids and hair.

Latest News

Group Members graduating (May 2017)

Congratulations to J. Tyler Davidson and Ashley Cochran for passing their MS thesis defenses. They both excelled in the last few months and deserve a lot of credit for all the hours they’ve invested in their education. We wish you all the best in the “real world” (Ashley), and for another 3 years in the PhD program in FIS (Tyler). Thanks, also, to undergraduate researcher, Gabriel Walkup, who will be graduating with his BS in Chemistry this May.

Dr. Jackson promoted to Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry (March 2017)

Dr. Jackson joined the RSC as an undergraduate student back in ~1995 and is honored to receive this most recent promotion.

Dr. Jackson delivers a press release on human hair project at the ACS meeting in San Francisco (April 2017)

We appreciate the support of the ACS and the session organizers (Carlos Fraga and James Moran) for inviting us to participate in the excellent forensic sessions at the ACS meeting. Thanks, too, for all the news agencies for taking up our press release.

Dr. Jackson joins the International Advisory Board of Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry (Nov 2016)

Dr. Jackson is honored to join a prominent team at one of the leading analytical chemistry journals, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. Formerly known as Fresenius Journal of Analytical Chemistry, the traditional journal has been published by Springer since 1862.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 1.31.35 PM

Dr. Jackson quoted in several media outlets (Nov/Dec 2016)

A research group at UC San Diego recently published a series of high profile manuscripts describing the chemical profiles on human surfaces, our cell phones and our environments. Dr. Jackson was asked to provide an independent opinion and some context for the work in a few different media outlets, including and Chemistry World, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
Ashley on GCMS

Ashley and Dr. Jackson featured in the state journal and the Intelligencer on our department’s stature and PhD program (Nov 2016)

The short articles (here and here) resulted from the academic media day, described below.

Spectroscopy Cover error terror in forensic scisnce

Dr. Jackson publishes Special Feature on “error terror in forensic science” in spectroscopy magazine (Nov 2016)

The invited editorial provides a subjective account about the NIST OSAC organization and the difficulties facing the development of rigorous standards in forensic science. Two major obstacles to the development of standards are the establishment of evidence-based error rates and the effective communication of the error or weight of evidence to triers of fact. The article can be found at Spectroscopy online or here .

Tyler and Ashley at CLES science fair

FIS Department participates in Cheat Lake Elementary Science Fair (Oct 2016)

Tyler Davidson, Ashley Cochran, Korina Menking-Hoggatt served as judges in the 11th Annual Cheat Lake elementary. Members of the forensic science club also participated in judging and ran an activity station on fingerprinting.
Academic media day Glen jackson image

Dr. Jackson presents at WVU’s first Academic Media Day (Oct 2016)

Dr. Jackson gave a presentation on the status of WVU’s Department of Forensic and Investigative Science, and why our program is often cited as one of the best in the nation.
Mayara Poster at FIRMS NZ

Mayara and Dr. Jackson present at FIRMS/ANZFSS Conference in Auckland, NZ (Sept 2016)

Mayara gave a poster on the latest round of hair data for the NIJ-funded human hair project and Dr. Jackson gave an oral presentation on linking blowflies to carrion. The 2016 joint Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Symposium (ANZFSS) and Forensic Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (FIRMS) meeting served as the venue for the first Advisory Board meeting for the new journal, Forensic Chemistry.


Glen’s image used in an on-line education module for 10th grade chemistry (August, 2016)

Glen’s cartoon-self guides student’s through a teaching module on “Reaction Types” at Glen can’t take any credit for the educational content—which was assembled by Cosmosforschools—but the student responses above are scarily accurate :o) (click image to enlarge)
Thank you CosmosForSchools!

IJMS Cover MAD of Lipids June 2016

Pengfei’s article featured on the cover of IJMS (June, 2016)

Congratulations Pengfei for his first first-author article, and for making the cover of Int. J. Mass Spectrom. A high resolution version of the cover is here .

Dr. Jackson participates in “Meet the Experts” session at ASMS (June, 2016)

Undergrad Glen Jackson 2 crop

ASMS Conference hosts a “meet the experts” luncheon each year as a way for undergraduate students to socialize with “experts” in mass spectrometry. The handful of experts rotated through 4-5 tables of undergrads and had a fun time sharing anecdotes and career advice.

Forensic Chemistry Cover March 2016 small JPG

Dr. Jackson to serve as Editor-in-Chief of new Forensic Journal (March, 2016)

Elsevier is launching a new traditional journal titled Forensic Chemistry to meet the needs of the forensic chemistry research community. Dr. Jackson will share the responsibilities of Editor-in-Chief with Prof. Jos R. Almirall of FIU. For details and manuscript submissions, please visit the journal homepage. Manuscripts submissions open on March 15. A high resolution version of the cover is here .
Science Mag Cover Forensics 6278

Group’s research featured in Science Magazine (March, 2016)

Our recent work on chemical profiling of human hair was mentioned as a “forensic frontier” in Science magazine. A PDF of the article is available here .
The Analytical Scientist Cover March 2016 small

Dr. Jackson featured in The Analytical Scientist (March, 2016)

An interview with Dr. Jackson and Dr. Chris Palenik (MIcrotrace, LLC) appears in the March 2016 issue of “The Analytical Scientist”. The interview covers various aspects of forensic science research, education and federal oversight and starts on page 24 of the March issue . A high resolution version of the cover is here .

FIS Faculty participate in WVU Law Review Symposioum (March, 2016)

Professors Ayers, Bell, and Jackson participated as invited panelists in the WVU Law Review Symposium in Morgantown, WV. The Symposium featured many high-profile leaders of the Innocence Project and covered various aspects of “flawed forensics”. A Youtube Video of all the presentations and panels can be found here. Dr. Bell’s presentation, Dr. Jackson’s presentation, and their panel discussion can be found here.

Group Attends SciX 2015 in Providence (Oct 2015)

Pengfei and Heather presented posters and Billy gave an oral presentation on real-time derivatization of Cannabinoids in DART-MS/MS. Dr. Jackson didn’t present this year, but he served as Program Chair of the conference, Co-chair of the mass spectrometry section and session chair for two sessions.

Group’s Hair isotope data contributes to a new global spatial database (Oct 2015)

Our group’s 13C and 15N isotope data for US and Jordanian subjects has been incorporated into a collaborative publication in Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrum. titled Global spatial distributions of nitrogen and carbon stable isotope ratios of modern human hair. The database complements the existing global databases of 2H and 18O isotope ratios, and can be used in casework to help predict the geographic provenance or travel history of individuals.
03 2015 evidence tape and hair

Group’s research featured in Spectroscopy (Sept 2015)

The Editors of Spectroscopy recently spoke to us about four of our recent publications on the chemical analysis of human hair. The article on Advancing the Forensic Analysis of Hair is available here.

Group receives new NIH grant for ~$1.4M (May 2015)

Prof. Steve Valentine (PI, Chemistry) and Dr. Jackson (co-PI) have received an R01 grant in the amount of $1,376,751 from the National Institutes of Health to support a research project entitled Developing IMS-SID/MAD-MS Instrumentation for Characterizing Intrinsically Disordered Protein Structure. Dr. Valentine’s group is providing the expertise in ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) and Dr. Jackson’s group is providing expertise on metastable atom activated dissociation (MAD), as they build a tandem IMS/MS mass spectrometer to study peptides and proteins related to help advance biomedical research. The grant is funded through NIGMS.
Feng Ashley and Heather graduation Party May 2015

Group members graduate (May 2015)

Congratulations to Ashley Cochran and Heather Birks, who both graduated with BS degrees in Forensic and Investigative Science. Congratulations to Feng Jin for receiving his PhD in Chemistry.

Group/Department featured in WV Focus Magazine (May 2015)

Our department and group were featured in an article written by Pam Kasey in West Virginia Focus. The article covered the forensic science programs at Marshall University and WVU, and included many quotes from our faculty (starting page 49). The article can be found WV Focus article , or at

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